OUR services
WE act as an insider

We think, design and transpose your vision into an actionable plan. Our contribution could be needed at the beginning of the project or later, when planning the growing phase.  The finished result is a professional document, tailored to the uniqueness of your company’s DNA, that can stand up to the most critical investors or collaborators.

Business Plan &
Strategic Thinking

Your business plan is as important to you as the building instructions for a Lego fan. It’s the blueprint, the skeleton… the DNA of your company. It is a crucial component that forces you to properly design all of the building blocks for your business.

I will help you to crystallize your vision, to see your weaknesses, to build on your strengths and to envision challenges. I will create an effective business plan that clarify why your customers should do business with you and most importantly, why investors should bet on your big idea.

Market Analysis

A great market analysis considers all sides of your business decision. It leads to tough choices and doesn’t dance around feelings. It sits on hard facts and numbers. So before investing your time and money, you must develop an accurate assessment. It’s what I’m committed to do.

I will dig, with your guidance, into the market and transform complex questions into clear answers to help you make effective business decisions, look at new perspectives and avoid costly mistakes.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Product launch or market expansion is one of the most vital, and stressful, step to achieve growth of your business. It’s your Olympic moment where you hold your breath, give the performance of your life and aim to reap the fruit of your hard work— meaning for you: generating sales, a lot of sales.

With your unique customer experience in mind, I will help you to put together a forward-thinking go-to-market strategy. I will turn data into assumptions that will fuel our brainwork. In fact, a successful product launch is all about earning superior profits and to do so, we need to think, rethink, and re-rethink about the best strategy and act accordingly. And that will be my job.


As a leader, there is a lot to consider in a short amount of time.  Leveraging the brainpower of industry experts will allow you to focus your energy on activating the best possible next steps for your business.

Taking a step out of the daily management to assess, rethink, rebuild, and relaunch is key to your growth.